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by Mikhail Kupriyanuk


Notus is not your traditional GUI framework like MFC, wxWindows, WTL, etc. It is an unique library that is bringing the generative programming concepts into the GUI world. It is an attempt to create a common domain model. In this model, the construction of GUI interfaces and interface families consists of the following steps.

  • According to the domain rules and your design specifications, implement a set of custom interchangeable GUI "parts".
  • According to the domain rules, create an implementation of your design by defining a concrete composition and specialization of the custom and predefined software parts.
  • Run the C++ compiler to generate a concrete GUI application.

The first two steps rely on modern programming idioms such as generic and meta programming utilizing the power of C++ templates. At the last step, in some sense, the C++ compilers works as an assembly line.

If you are bored with the endless polymorphic hierarchies of the traditional GUI frameworks, you might want to take a look at Notus.

For discussions about the library, support or feature requests, use the mailing list.

We do need help! If you know C++ (I mean... really know...) and you'd like to join, please e-mail the project admin.

The old documentation is here. In the most part, the main concepts are still the same.


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