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To install Notus, just copy it to a folder. The framework consists of header files and static platform libraries that provide the low-level interfaces defined in the notus::impl namespace. The files are organized as follows.

Folder Description
notus Header files
build/platform/programming environment Static platform library (notus_traits.lib), sample and test applications
libs/src Platform dependent sources
libs/test Sources of sample and test applications

For example, on the Win32 platform and MSVC++ 7, the library files will be located in build/win32/vc7. The platform library file name is notus_traits.lib. For the MinGW environment, the library folder is build/win32/mingwand the platform library file name is libnotus_traits.a.

To use it:

For example, to use notus::gdi::bitmap, include bitmap.hpp in your sources:

#include "notus/gdi/bitmap.hpp"


Supported Platforms

Compilation Performance

Because of an extensive use of the template based programming idioms, the compilation time could be significant. However we believe that the long compilation times will be compensated by a more stable and maintainable code and higher degree of the component reusability. Furthermore if your program compiles, it usually just runs.

I was able to improve the compilation time by replacing some of the Boost components with corresponding lightweight component from TTL. I got about 20-30% improvement.

To use TTL, just make sure that the line:

 //#define __NOTUS_USE_BOOST__ 

in notus/details/common.hpp is commented out.

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